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Research overview


   Studying the vegetation response to past orbital and millennial time-scale climatic changes over the last million years is crucial to estimate the timing of vegetation changes, of plant migration and the shifts in plant distribution in a non-anthropogenic world.

    Our research is based on a sea-land direct correlation approach which allows us to compare, without any chronological ambiguity, vegetation changes to variations in other Earth’s reservoirs (cryosphere, atmosphere, ocean and land surfaces) which compose the climate system. The identification of possible leads and lags in the response of the different reservoirs allow us to discuss the mechanisms involved in the climate change and the positive and negative feedbacks.

    For that, we analyse the pollen grains preserved in deep-sea cores of different oceanic regions from the South Western African margin to the Norwegian Sea including the European margin, the entire Mediterranean basin and the eastern North American margin. Our recent work also focuses on Peruvian margin sequences.

   Specifically, we can evaluate the impact of vegetation changes on climate.


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The direct land-sea correlation approach
























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