EPHE Department Paleoclimatology  and Marine Paleoenvironments
Abrupt climate changes
        Since the identification of the millennial-scale climatic variability in Greenland and in the North Atlantic, Dangaard-Oeschger cycles and Heinrich events, we are working on the regional expression of this variability, in particular the amplitude of vegetation and climate change at different latitudes. We are also investigating the atmospheric and oceanic mechanisms involved in its transmission to far-distant regions and the internal and external forcings modulating this variability such as the orbital parameters, the ice size and configurations and the greenhouse gaz concentrations. A number of works shows that this rapid climatic variability is not restricted to the last glacial cycle but also occurred in older glacial and interglacial periods. However, very few marine and terrestrial sequences are available covering periods older than 130,000 years.
Contrasting impacts of Dansgaard-Oeschger events over a western European latitudinal transect modulated by orbital parameters (Sanchez Goñi et al., QSR, 2008).